New to Our Industry, a Game Changer; Descaling

New Technology Doesn’t Just Unclog Sewer Pipes – It Makes Them Like New

This year marks McDonough’s 30th anniversary in business. We attribute this feat not just to the quality of our services, but also to honesty, integrity and commitment to innovation. Continuing to be innovating, McDonough’s is one of the first companies in the Twin Cities to offer the services of descaling miller machines.

Scaling in drains occurs when calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions accumulate around the interior walls of a pipe.

Several headaches await once scaling has effectively narrowed a building’s sewer pipes. This scaling is pointy and rough. Scaling will stop flushed items from making their way out of your system. These pointy rough spots become a recurring problem, repeatably clogging the drain. Water Jets are great but this scale is so tough, even 4,000 PSI jetting can struggle to smooth out that pipe.

When scaling is evident in your drains, McDonough’s Drain & Sewer Cleaning uses an auger milling machine – a powerful new device which whirls a ring of clawed chain links to quickly and completely scour mineral deposits free from pipe interior walls.

At the tip of the device sits a ring of very aggressive-looking chain, which is just broad enough in diameter to pass through a pipe without abrading its walls. It annihilates stubborn fused-on mineral deposits and tree roots alike, leaving the interior of the pipe nearly as smooth as the day it was manufactured after just one pass.

In a way the milling machine is bad for repeat business, but at the end of the day it’s much more satisfying to just get the job done right the first time.

“Whenever they clean a drain, our technician’s goal is always the same: Avoid having to return to that drain for as long as possible. These new milling machines make that happen.”

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